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We Provide Online Service For Our Customer Value

Online BO Account

Start trading immediately with our easy signup process. Open your B/O account from anywhere at anytime. You will have access to in-depth research & information for effective decision making. Sign up for a online BO account with Kabir Securities Limited.

One Stop IPO Solution

We developed a prompt service system from where Our clients can apply in IPO from their residence without taking any hassle.

Trade Confirmation

Beside transmission of hard copy of trade confirmation, we send trade confirmation through email and sms. We also send Portfolio to each our client every trading day. We also send money deposit and withdrawal notification to our valued clients when the transaction incurred. Thus we secured the financial transaction of our clients.

Single Hotline Number For Telephone Trade

Our hotline number helps our clients to reach directly to his favorite relationship manager. We record all telephonic order of our clients to avoid any kind of dispute and misunderstanding.

Research Team

We have the best research & innovation team (360*+innovation) & highly skilled business analytics team who provide professional service to our clients. They are dedicated to the fundamental analysis and technical analysis of various listed companies.


Brokerage services on securities being traded on the Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited. We ensures sound trading environment at it’s trading premises. Kabir Securities Limited has trained professional executives to execute the buy/sale order in a prompt manner. Clients enjoy the luxury of:

Internet Order/Trading

Floor Order/Trading

Telephonic Order/Trading

E-mail/SMS Order/Trading

ensures a standby help-desk or information team at all of its branches.

Web and E-portal

We have separate e-portal system for our clients where our honorable clients can check their Financial Ledger Statement, Portfolio Statement, Trade Confirmation Notes for any historical date or period. Through this e-portal system investors can also place their fund requisition which is cleared within a day through Electronic Fund transfer (EFT) System.



“Ninja” helps our clients easily access to all Stock Market services. Makes it possible for our clients to trade in the DSE and CSE from anywhere, at any time. All BO Account services, Instant portfolio on client demand, current and upcoming IPO information, individual script/share prices, fundamental data, fund deposits and withdrawals, etc. It provides all basic information of the stock market to new & existing customers.“Ninja” Chatbot Features to deliver expectational customer services,monitoring client inquiries, response times, satisfaction levels, and other metrics.
24/7 availability
Superfast response and
Personalized solution with natural language processing

Fund Withdrawal

Electronic Fund transfer System (EFTN) & (BEFTN)

Our EFTN System helps our clients to withdraw their balance on time. The system is totally automated and secured so that our clients feel relax about their on demand fund no matter how far they are from our office.

Fund Deposit

Electronic Fund transfer System (EFTN) & (BEFTN)

Clients of KSL now can deposit in their portfolio account by means of BEFTN. Clients don’t need to come to bank for cheque or cash deposit physically. All a client has to do is instruct his bank to transfer/deposit fund to the bank accounts of Kabir Securities Limited.

Bank Details

Account Name- Kabir Securities Limited

Bank Name Branch Account Number Routing Number
City Bank Probortok 1122422646001 225156326
One Bank Jubilee Road 0233000000373 165153647
SBAC Agrabad 0004130000092 270150135

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