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Kabir Securities Limited provides brokerage services on securities being traded on the Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited. Kabir Securities Limited ensures sound trading environment at it’s trading premises. Kabir Securities Limited has trained professional executives to execute the buy/sale order in a prompt manner. Clients enjoy the luxury of:

  • Internet Order/Trading
  • Floor Order/Trading
  • Telephonic Order/Trading
  • E-mail/SMS Order/Trading

Kabir Securities Limited ensures a standby help-desk or information team at all of its branches.

MYKSL The Virtual Trading Platform

For the first time we introduced our Mobile application “MYKSL” which is an android based software and allows our client to experience completely different test of trading. It includes total broker solutions and our investors need not to visit our office for any service. He can get every service on demand only by login the app.

KSL Web and E-portal

We have separate e-portal system for our clients where our honorable clients can check their Financial Ledger Statement, Portfolio Statement, Trade Confirmation Notes for any historical date or period. Through this e-portal system investors can also place their fund requisition which is cleared within a day through Electronic Fund transfer (EFT) System.

We have an interactive website where clients put their objections, feedback, comments, queries and complains. These feedbacksarehandle directly by the CEO’s office of KSL. Clients can also use our website for different market information, KSL news, important link and many more. Our ITS clients can also trade through this website which is one of the rare options that few top ranking brokers offer their clients in present time.


Short Term Margin Loan

KSL introduced Short Term margin Loan (STML) for our clients for Zero interest rate. This is the most popular services of KSL which was designed for clients who wants to boost up their purchase power for a short period of time.

Long Term Margin Loan

KWe also introduced Long term margin Loan (LTML) facility for our clients who are generally invested their money in Capital market for Long time.


KSL Electronic Fund transfer System (EFTN)

Our EFTN System helps our clients to withdraw their balance on time. The system is totally automated and secured so that our clients feel relax about their on demand fund no matter how far they are from our office.


Clients of Kabir Securities Limited now can deposit in their portfolio account by means of BEFTN. Clients don’t need to come to bank for cheque or cash deposit physically. All a client has to do is instruct his bank to transfer/deposit fund to the bank accounts of Kabir Securities Limited.



We developed a prompt service system from where Our clients can apply in IPO from their residence without taking any hassle.


Beside transmission of hard copy of trade confirmation, we send trade confirmation through email and sms. We also send Portfolio to each KSL client every trading day. We also send money deposit and withdrawal notification to our valued clients when the transaction incurred. Thus we secured the financial transaction of our clients.


Our single hotline number helps our clients to reach directly to his favorite relationship manager. We record all telephonic order of our clients to avoid any kind of dispute and misunderstanding.


We have a strong research team who are dedicated to the fundamental analysis and technical analysis of various listed companies. This team also assigned for recommending bidding price of IPO shares. Our dealer operation is mainly operated by this team. We are able to provide any types of data of Listed companies which has been disclosed by the company for Public.