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Foreign Investment A/C

Foreign Investment Process

Foreign investors may invest in the capital market of Bangladesh. He has to take the following steps to invest in the secondary market of Bangladesh:

  • Opening NITA A/C
  • Opening Custodian A/C
  • Opening BO A/C
  • Funding NITA 2 days prior to security purchase
  • Funding BO A/C from NITA 1 day prior to security purchase
  • Placing Buy/Sell order to Broker

After opening the respective accounts, foreign investors can start trading with Kabir Securities Limited. Buy/Sell confirmation will be sent to the investors via email and/or fax following execution of the order.

Local Investment


Any individual who is a Bangladeshi national above the age of 18 or any Bangladeshi Institutions qualify as a Local Investor.

Required Documnet for BO A/C Opening

For Individual

  • 2 Copies Passport Size Photograph of each applicant, attested by Introducer
  • One Copy Photograph of each Nominee attested by the applicant
  • National ID/ Passport (1to 8 page)/ Driving License/ Commissioner Certificate
  • Bank statement/ Bank certificate

For Institution

  • Memorandum/ Article of Association
  • Certificate copy of from-Xll form RJSC
  • Board Resolution regarding opening the account
  • Bank statement/ Bank certificate of said Account
  • 2 Copies Passport Size Photograph of authorized Person
  • Commence of Business (Public Limited Company)
  • Copy of TIN/ Trade License
  • Company Seal